Since the beginning of this movement (although some consider it a trend), Body Positivity has always been a controversial topic. It was one of our pillars as a brand before we started to see the ugly side of it and left it alone. At first, we embraced it because we felt a certain type of woman was being misrepresented or not represented enough in Media. Over the years many have argued it is just a case for “eye candy” or mature content. We would say no, it is not anything near soft porn, because if that is how a woman is supposed to naturally look how can it be degraded by calling it “soft porn”. Why is it that when it comes to anything natural it has its controversy attached?

“Former anorexic hits out at trolls after they tell her she has ruined her body” – Megan, 24, from Essex, Daily Mail.

Body Positivity for us is how confident you feel in your skin. The reason we still make it a focus is pure because Body Positivity goes hand in hand with Fashion. If you are not confident about your body this will hinder you when it comes to shopping for sizes and styles. This is why at Urban Glam Life when we stock up we ensure we secure bigger sizes because everyone should get the opportunity to wear what they like!

“As long as you pick what compliments your figure and you are confident, regardless of size, you will always look great!”

So what’s the issue?

The issue is according to one feminist they have spotted a difference in attitudes when it comes to how Men and Women see “Body Positivity”. And to be honest we have to agree with it to a certain extent cause its so true and easy to see.

For example, this feminist argued that Male influencers tend to share tips on diet and exercise. While female influencers tend to denounce detox products and celebrate “plus size appreciation”. While the men encourage men to work out like a soldier in the military women are encouraged to have fun in their workouts. I think what the feminist was trying to explain here is that there is a difference in attitude when it comes to body positivity. And it appears this attitude which is not helping women!

Instead of plus size appreciation, what should be happening in conjunction is the promotion of positive health and wellbeing. If it is natural for you to be a size 14, then be a healthy and natural size 14. If you are naturally meant to be a size 16 then be a positive and healthy size 16.

This is why for us when we do our advertising marketing we ensure we represent all body types.

But to get right down to it, it is argued Body Positivity pretends to empower women while discouraging them from becoming their best self and adopt a false reality. The false reality is weight does not matter!

Well, weight does matter, especially as it can have negative impacts on your health, which is why we say be the healthiest size your body can be and what it’s naturally supposed to be.

“What do you think ?”

Above we showed a plus-size woman who is not into fitness but is confident in her body. While the photo below is one of a fitness model who is considered plus-size.

What are your thoughts ?

Do you think Body Positivity is misleading women to not be the best they can be!

Drop a comment and join the debate…

Brand New With Tags, Excellent Condition & Never Worn



Brand New With Tags, Excellent Condition & Never Worn



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