Ever since we dived into the world of pre-loved fashion, I have added such words as “Vintage” and “Pre-loved” to my vocabulary. The fashion world of these two very significant words have exploded over the years to now being recognised as a serious industry. Yes, second-hand clothes are the real deal! And the demand increases.

It makes sense. What some else devalues, some else would put value on it. So, it is a win for everyone. Plus, you could say pre-loved fashion gives you a wardrobe which is a bit more unique. It is difficult for pre-loved fashion to be dictated by the conglomerates, it dictated by your choice of style!

Vinted is a great platform for you to do just that. Buy and sell. However, I will let now you know it’s nothing like Depop! It’s a slighter more mature age group so you will find that people are a little more reserved or straight to the point in terms of what they want and what they’re looking for. It’s a pleasure serving the many customers on Vinted because they really do appreciate their purchases and are not afraid to show it. The same if they are disappointed.

Use this link to Register with Vinted if you have not done so already!

Then take a browse of our Vinted shop “onesizleft”.

 Click Here to shop now.

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